The Good Ol’ Ego Boost

29 Dec

Are there girls who are online dating specifically for attention?   Absolutely.   While my adventures certainly didn’t start out that way-  I did openly tell you that I have an account where I live far away from my actual home.   (Not really for the ego boost or attention.. but to get more crazy cat lady stories.. or at least prove to myself that I wouldn’t be better off anywhere else..)

It’s too easy for a girl to get an ego boost on these things.  Especially on the meat market which is Plenty Of Fish.    Within 10 minutes of signing up and adding a picture,  the messages start pouring in.     Although I have had the account longer than 10 minutes,  I got an ego boost today from the following message:

“God damn, Ms Beauty you are hotter than the lava flow!!!!”

Haha!  Darn right, I am.

P.S.    That doesn’t work..

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