Please – have SOMETHING to say!

2 Jan

I got a message the other day that said “Hi, how are you?”    I had a moment or two, and responded back a very boring “Fine, and yourself?”

I have exchanged about 10 messages back and forth – all which thank me SO much for responding- and have absolutely nothing to them.   I know nothing about him, he knows nothing about me..  and he keeps telling me he is surprised I keep responding, as normally girls stop responding after two messages.

As if the constant “I don’t know why people don’t respond” and “Thank you so much for still talking to me”  isn’t annoying –  what’s extra annoying is that I AM responding to him – and he can think of nothing else to say.   That is why no one responds after two or so messages.   Messages need substance if you want them to continue.

He lists himself as “easy to talk to” and “has no problems starting a conversation.”

Young people of today need lessons on how to interact with people and have a conversation.   This is a skill that is quickly diminishing.

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