The Wrong Approach.

8 Jan

I got a message from a 42 year old.    While I prefer to date people older than me,  this is currently too old for me.

“Hi, Could we just chat? Thanks much. Happy NY!!!”

I hate responding to these kinds of messages – because more often than not – they suck, and it’s a waste of time..   But – he just wants to talk to me?  …Alright, I suppose…

“Chat about what?”

“Whatever.. Would you care to meet as friends? Thanks much.”

What!?   No.  We are not friends, so we are not meeting as friends.

“Considering I do not know you at all, no I do not wish to meet up. “

“lol, That’s why you meet:) Any 1 can say anything on here but I do understand. Ask me anything. Thanks. Take care.”

No –  that’s why you talk ONLINE first.   If you can’t pass my pre-screening through written word,  I am not wasting my time to meet someone in person…

So let me get this straight –  this guy wants to chat with me,  yet he wants ME to do all the work as to decide what to talk about.   Are you kidding me?     Is that not like going up to a complete stranger and saying “Okay, talk to me about something.. I don’t care what it is..”?    No one does that!   I cannot possibly be the only one who thinks this is absurd.   I also hate when people talk to me online and ask me questions, and then say “Okay, now you ask me something.”   No –  if I had something to ask, I would have.

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