Talk about ME!

11 Jan

J sent me a form letter she received on the meat market today:

“Hey I think you sold yourself short. I just have a feeling you’re cooler than your profile. Since I guessed right I think you should write me back and tell me how cute and funny I am. What do you do when you have a day off? And be honest! :)”

Why do guys think it’s appealing to girls to be told to gush about him, or ask him questions about himself?     Do males think we like to talk THAT much that we don’t care what we are saying as long as we are being vocal?

Also – am I the only one who feels that way?   Maybe that actually works for people?  LOL – or maybe I am the only one who seriously will answer questions if asked and not give people anything to work with..  (I should also add in that this only occurs when I am not interested.)

Maybe I am the one who doesn’t get it.


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