Calm down, buddy!

14 Jan

I had a twitter friend of mine e-mail a wonderful message she received, and with her permission, I am sharing it with you.    I love seeing/reading/hearing your crazy stories –  so feel free to e-mail me them if you’d like:

For the record-  when this guy refers to Alan Carr – he refers to a British comedian who is quite flamboyant.

“OMG my jaw just hit the floor!U r EXQUISITE!U R Utterly fine fine fineee!I never know what to write on these things so here goes….I’m pretty level headed & don’t normally go so nuts over a girl BUT for YOU id crawl thru the Sahara
& Id trek thru mosquito & crocodile infested swamps just to see u for 2 minutes but I hope u would have a cuppa & bandages ready for me!I wouldnt treat u like a princess but as a queen but not the Alan Carr type of queen!
Just to let you know Im not some jealous/possessive control freak nor am I some el saddo desperado..just looking & seeing if there is a nice girl for me…….I can cook/clean/iron the lot I don’t need a woman to pamper me or look after me i just want a girl for………no not that!Well not just that lol.I want a nice sweet girl that when get blip telling me i have a txt id hope its from her among other things.O I dunno what to say which is a first as I’m never lost for words!!Aarghhhhhh!I hope im not talking rubbish!Would love to get too know u so I hope we talk soon!Was my birthday xmas eve-yes really-worse time of the year to be single!If only I had met u ages ago it would have saved me from my mates that day & made my new years eve a lot better then getting a bagel from brick lane @3am hahaha
Sorry if im rambling but still aching from the 3hr torture my sadistic trainer inflicted on me in the gym earlier;it seems to have released the closet romantic in me…….” i would like to do with you what spring does with the cherry tress” ……..Pablo Neruda-now thats what I want to feel about a woman.
Happy New year!”


Some of these messages are just too good not to share with the world.. don’t you agree?

One Response to “Calm down, buddy!”

  1. Baly January 14, 2012 at 7:22 pm #

    Dear God.


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