None of these deserve their own blog entry..

13 Jan

I obviously don’t blog every message I get-  if you are normal, you’re safe from public humiliation..   but some messages just aren’t worth a full entry dedicated specifically to that.. so I will share a few of those with you today.

“The cuter you are the more adaptable I am. So say the word cutie.; )”

Hmm..  I don’t really get that one..  I’m cute so he’ll adapt to who I am?   That’s dumb.  And – what on earth am I really supposed to reply to that?   What sort of word is he looking for?


“Hi im mike hru”

Okay – I fully understand that he is introducing himself and asking me how I am.. but, I am playing dumb on this one and pretending I have no idea what “hru” is supposed to mean.   If your message is going to be THAT short, you can spell out “How are you?”


“Hi! Would you like to hook up with me today? 🙂 “

No.. no I wouldn’t.


“There’s no way to ask this without it sounding like a really cheesy pick up line but, do people ever tell you that you look like Tara Reid?”

This was on my non-local profile, where I move from place to place.   In his defense,  I had been told that once before based on the photo that I have posted there..  but in real life, I look nothing like her.   Not even close.   ..and it does sound like a really cheesy pickup line.

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