The space bar should be your friend.

16 Jan

“Your very cute . Maybe i can move you back to cincinnati with me.I’m a very fun guy,off the wall comments i smoke pot and i’m a bit perverted.Hope to hear from you LOL”

Wow – there are so many things wrong with this message.

1)   There is this button on your keyboard.   It’s shaped like a really long rectangle.  It’s called a SPACE BAR.. and you need to use it.   It’s not that hard.  (That’s what she said.)

2) Sir of the meat market,  you live really far away from me..  You shouldn’t be wasting your time or mine.

3)  I know most of my readers probably have not seen my online dating profile(s). I assure you there is nothing on there to indicate that I am looking for a sexual encounter or have any interest in drugs of any kind.   I don’t know where these guys get the idea that I’d be into that sort of stuff.  – Probably goes back to BOYS DON’T READ!

4) “Hope to hear from you LOL”   What is the LOL for?  Why on earth would you put an “LOL” there?  That indicates to me that the last sentence was a joke.   So – he doesn’t hope to hear from me..  which is good – because he won’t.

Girls- don’t you automatically look for someone who smokes pot and is perverted?

One Response to “The space bar should be your friend.”

  1. J January 16, 2012 at 12:54 am #

    I get “LOL” quite frequently in inappropriate places. “You’re pretty, LOL”. What? Do you think I’m pretty or are you joking? Sometimes I just spin it back and say “You’re really stupid. LOL”


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