16 Jan

I generally do not post more than once in a day – but by golly, this just had to be shared immediately.

Some of you on Twitter may have seen my post(s) this evening about the gentleman who’s user name on OKCupid is “WowThatsHuge.”    If you did not,  I am sure you can make some assumptions without having to read any farther.

I saw this user’s page and immediately could not stop laughing.

This man holds absolutely no shame – which is somewhat frightening.   (And certainly brings a whole new light to “Minnesota Nice.”)

If you dare:

(I should note that his photo keeps getting reported.. so if nothing there seems weird..  click the twitpic link below..)

For those of you not as daring, but are still curious –   you can see a screen shot via my Twitter buddy @BeccaGo:

For awhile the main photo was removed-  because he was reported..  but it was quickly put back up.   It doesn’t violate OKC’s term of service, but I could see where some people could be offended by it.

Honestly-  it surprises me that someone would have a face pic next to a picture such as that.   I mean, he has to know people on the website..  Umm.. awkward!

2 Responses to “Can’t…..Stop…..Laughing…..!!!!!!”

  1. m January 16, 2012 at 2:45 am #

    My favorite part about the pic is that it says “online now” right below his junk. Oh and just for J…LOL


    • L January 17, 2012 at 2:46 am #

      Haha, M. Haha.


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