Cover Stories.

17 Jan

You know my thoughts on form letters.   I don’t need to get into that again..   but I continue on with if I call you out about your form letter –  don’t try to make up some cover story.   And if you do – be sure to have all your bases covered.

“So, just to start, loved your profile, and your pics are super cute. Let me start, I am a “grown ass man”, lol. I have a steady job, own a home, and am not into games. I live to play music, it’s the one time I really feel alive is when I’m on stage. I am looking for the last lady I will ever need to look for. Don’t worry, I’m a no pressure kind of guy, but if I find the right gal, I will make my intentions known. I love cats, dogs, humor laughing, good wine, live music, etc. if your a gal who likes intelligent conversation and a relaxed atmosphere then let’s talk. Hope to here from you soon.”

How do I know this was a form letter?    I have ONE photo on this profile… so there is no way my “pics are super cute.”

I called him out:

“You are a “grown ass man” but don’t know the difference between one
picture and plural? Hmm…”

“Thank you for the correction, you are right, a typo on my part, the letters on this smart phone are kind of small and my muscular fingers sometimes make mistakes. In the future, I promise to spell check every message I send. now, other than the misspelling, did you want to get to know each other?”

I do give him kudos for his muscular fingers sometimes make mistakes.. because that’s pretty funny.. but his cover up is flawed.

“While I appreciate your attempt to cover your mistake- I also don’t think it was your greatest cover up. If you meant you added an “s” by mistake- your sentence no longer makes sense:
“..and your pic are super cute.”
I feel I have been dealt a form letter.”

One Response to “Cover Stories.”

  1. Arinn January 18, 2012 at 10:48 pm #

    “muscular fingers” huh? YUCK


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