Back-handed compliment

23 Jan

A good online dating message, in my opinion,  will have the following:

1)  An indication that the sender has read my profile.    Commenting on one of my interests, or asking a question based on what I wrote.

2)  A question of some sort that makes me want to respond to this message.  (“How are you?” and “Wanna chat?”  do NOT qualify.)

3)  Is not pig-like in nature.

4) Has proper spelling and grammar.. (I can handle a typo – but it’s very apparent when the person doesn’t know that spell check exists.)

5) It will not make me do the all the work.   I.E.  “Tell me about yourself.”   or “Ask me a question.”

6)  Not a requirement, but sometimes nice to throw in-  some sort of compliment.    Just not overly cheesy.

The following is NOT a good message:

“wow you’re really beautiful wanna chat? I’m so bored it sucks”

He gets kudos for proper usage of “you’re”.. but that’s about it.   What a back-handed compliment too.   I have nothing better to do, so I will talk to you since you are “really beautiful.”      ….Lucky me??       And messages like this that include the “I’m just bored”  bit happen a LOT.   It doesn’t make me want to talk to you.

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