Pet Peeves

4 Feb

This may come as a shock to most of you, but… I am NOT a mind-reader.   I also have never claimed to be a mind-reader, especially in online dating.   Why, oh why, do I keep getting messages that say “I think we have a lot of similar interests!” when they either list interests that are the exact opposite of mine, or don’t have their interests listed at all?   This drives me nuts!   How on earth am I supposed to know what interests you refer to?

Also, if you want to guarantee that I won’t respond to you-  call me “Babe” or “Sweetheart” or something of that nature.   Sure, I can be those things, and often am.. but I assure you I can also be the exact opposite of those things.  You shouldn’t be calling me that if you don’t know me.

Married men do not belong on online dating sites.  Get divorced, then hop on board..   If I am being totally unreasonable (however I don’t believe I am..)  then only solicit girls who specifically say they would be willing to date/sleep with/talk with a married man.     I don’t understand why people are above their vows.

Obviously spelling and grammar are big pet peeves of mine – but you don’t have to read far back to know that.

My last pet peeve of the day is having to tell someone “NO” over and over.  No, I won’t be calling you.  No, you can’t have my phone number.   No, we can’t hang out sometime.  No, I don’t want to talk.   TAKE A FREAKING HINT!

Alright.. your pet peeves… Go!!


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