How is it February already?

3 Feb

How did February sneak up on us so fast?!

Today I would like to write/talk/vent about Valentine’s Day, or “Singles Awareness Day” as I often hear it coined.

I have never been a person who really cares about Valentine’s Day.  I think that flowers and dinner going up an astronomical amount for one day is ridiculous.  I would much rather spend the evening having a picnic in my living room.

While the concept of celebrating your love with someone is something I believe in,  I don’t need the fancy dinner or the flowers.  Save those for another time when it’s not expected, and it will be far more meaningful.   Quite honestly,  if someone made me a card with printer paper and markers,  I would be delighted.

This Valentine’s Day approaching will make it one year (and one day..) for me being single.  (It doesn’t bug me that this is when it happened, but I certainly play it up when I tell the story..)   I am interested to see how the day will actually go, and if my feelings for Singles Awareness Day will turn into a strong resentment.   I don’t think that will be the case,  but you never know.

I am sure there will be some interesting online dating stories as this “holiday” approaches.    If you have any good ones,  please send them my way.  🙂


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