Down-To-Earth (and a lesson in grammar.)

11 Feb

I have been noticing a trend lately in the form letters I have been receiving via the meat market.   “You seem down-to-earth.”   or something of that nature.  I have also received messages where the guy describes himself as down-to-earth.

Obviously, this is a safe thing to say.   The first few times I read that, I thought to myself, “Yeah, I am down-to-earth.”   After seeing it a few times,  although I knew what it meant, I decided to dig a little deeper into the meaning of the word.

Down-to-earth is defined as practical or reasonable.    

Synonyms (or words that are similar for those of you who missed English class..) for this beauty are:  common, rational, realistic and sensible.. among others.

Antonyms (or those words are just the exact opposite of..)  include impractical and unreasonable.

I don’t often find people who describe themselves as unreasonable or unrealistic.   Even the crazies tend to think they are reasonable human beings.  I think, personally, that I can tend to be unrealistic for sure – I mean, Hello!?  I am online dating and for some strange reason I continue to do so.  

There are far more adjectives (describing words) out there to use.  Think twice before using “down-to-earth.”



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