No you may NOT move in.

15 Feb

“Can I stay in your home? J/k. I can put up drywall. I’m that cool.”

My profile does list that I own a house,  mainly because I am very proud of that fact, but also because if that is going to be a deal-breaker for someone – it gets it out of the way.   Messaging me, even jokingly, about moving in –  NOT FUNNY AT ALL.     No you can’t stay in my home!   I am not a freaking hotel!

This message bugs me, because he says “J/k” and then goes on to say he can put up drywall.   So –  is he not just kidding?

Also – what kind of house does he think I live in?  One without walls?

Yes stranger I have never spoke to before-  please move in and put some walls up.  You seem cool.

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