17 Feb

In a world that is quickly turning paperless – I was surprised to see this “Six Things I Could Never Do Without:”

“Paper clips, Money, clean socks, communication device, Google, and oxford commas”

I was intrigued, and decided I couldn’t just live with someone not wanting to do without paper clips, especially after lack of mentioning paper.     Maybe I was missing some very fascinating use of paperclips.

“Out of curiosity: Why could you not do without paper clips, but apparently could do without paper? “

“Because I could do without paper. But since I have to deal with paper and papers, I could not do without a way to manage them. The logical connection between the two not being mutually exclusive.”

“…doesn’t necessitate any binding relationship between the two.”

“Okay.  Fair enough.”   –  This was totally not the answer I was hoping for or expecting, but.. he was nice enough to answer my question.

“also for SCIENCE.”


…And now we know…

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