Fishing for Compliments

18 Feb

“How come some people (you) are so damn cute and other people (me) are so damn hideous? Lol”

Besides not really knowing what to say (his picture is the size of a thumbnail and he is “the guy in the middle” sans shirt) to this,   is it not more of a girl thing to fish for compliments?   I can’t see what he actually looks like to make a comment – and even if I could –  admitting he looks attractive will make him think I am interested when I am not.    Seriously, boys, the shirtless pictures have got to go!

I contemplated writing back “Genetics.”  but didn’t.  I don’t want to build him up, but I also don’t want to knock him down – at least to his face..  Publicly on my blog?  Duh..

Guys HATE it when girls fish for compliments –  but then they go and say stuff like “I’m so damn hideous” and do it themselves.   How does that make any sense?

Honestly, if someone doesn’t think they are attractive, nothing anyone says is going to change their mind – so what’s the point?   I think this guy finds himself attractive and loves hearing girls reaffirm his decision..  I mean, hello,  if you are confident enough to post a shirtless photo – you probably think pretty highly of yourself.

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