Similar, yet different.

21 Feb

Doing this project for awhile now, I have come across a few other online friends doing similar things as my blog, that I enjoy looking at when I am able.

I apologize I don’t have any super fun stories for you myself this evening-  I got wrapped up in another project and just am not feelin’ it tonight..  But give these people your attention – and share with me your favorites!

To those I have listed-   I would love to trade guest blog spots sometime..  Email me/Tweet me/Call me.  =) / @Soon2becatlady / I am not posting my number here, are you crazy!?


Twitter BFF @DatingMary blogs or “tumblrs” bad online dating screen names and funny tidbits and photos from people’s profiles:


Do you want your profile analyzed?   Another Twitter friend @InspectingCupid analyzes OKCupid’s users and posts about them.  We are already in the works of guest blogging for one another..   I may just let him analyze my profile for you all.  =)


Twitter user @CupidHatesYou posts similar stuff to me – but definitely responds back more to stupid messages than I do!


What else is out there?



One Response to “Similar, yet different.”

  1. cluelessdaters February 26, 2012 at 9:21 pm #

    My blog: compiles awful/awfully funny first messages received from online daters!


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