Tear Me Down, Just To Build Me Up (Buttercup.)

27 Feb

I am not sure why some guys think that the way to a girl’s heart is to attempt to offend her.   I have been having a back and forth conversation with some guy on POF for the past couple days.

Now, before I give you the run down of the conversation – I would like to preface this with some information – since most of you don’t know who I am, where I live or what I look like.     I have a very expressive face.   Always have.   When I tell a story in person, my face goes crazy.   If I move my eyebrows a certain way, I get forehead lines.   My current picture on POF does not display an expression where my forehead lines are defined,  but if you look REALLY close, you can see a slight line through my forehead..   I know it’s there, and whatever.

“Why does someone your age have wrinkles on her forehead?  Do you have Progeria or something?”

Progeria is a condition that is extremely rare, but makes children look very aged.  Most people burdened by this condition die in their teenage years, or early twenties.   Now- given that I am considered in my late-twenties-  and don’t look older than I am – Really?   Why would someone ask something like that?

“Yes.  Yes I do.  What of it?”

I’ll be honest- part of me wanted to fight back, because this 37 year old man asking the question has his user photo as one that is found all over the place when you search it on Google.. but I figured I’d let this one play out.

“It’s very becoming.”   He then proceeded to ask me a question about one of my hobbies.

He continued to kick me and bring me up through the entire conversation.   When I didn’t respond for a few hours (because I like to think I have a life sometimes..)  he told me I should really respond because he is “pretty much the best catch here.”   Riiight.

When he started asking me about the same hobby we had talked about before, and I informed him we had already discussed this.. he asked, “Does this mean you want to stay single?”    Actually, yes..  Yes it does.   Even though he is clearly the best catch out there – I am going to have to pass on this one.

I didn’t tell him that though –  I told him I think we should get married tomorrow – but first I want to see a picture of what he actually looks like.

His response:   “You going to wear white?”

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