Woman of His Dreams

28 Feb

“Hi, You obviously have a million dudes banging down your door, flooding your inbox to try and share your light because of your awesome natural beauty and because you seem like a genuinely solid individual All I can do is say that I think you should give me a shot at the title. I’m cool, handsome and all that and am a homeowner with my own vehicles and a job and I did it all without drug money or using others. I actually think I had a dream about you where for some reason, you wanted to try to arm wrestle me, but I was like NO, my arm hurts, and you were like “shut up little Bitch, take it like a man” but I was like ..”your strong as shit , you might break me” and you thought I called you snakey so you threw me in a figure four and body slammed me onto a cloud somehow, but the cloud turned into snow. hahahahahaahahah okay okay, that never happened, but you still could be the woman of my dreams, if you’ll only give me a shot over those super thug studs with no shirt on that almost certainly don’t have the purity of heart and soul that I possess. I’m just sayin’. Sorry if this is extra corny, but Damn. I had to find a way to get your attention. Hope it works “

How did he know I get millions upon millions of messages each day?

You know, I have always wanted to be the girl of someone’s dreams.. but, if the dreams are like that – maybe I don’t.

One Response to “Woman of His Dreams”

  1. Liz March 2, 2012 at 9:51 pm #

    I got this exact message about a week ago…


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