Douchebag Alert!

6 Mar

Oh POF-  why do I continuously think you will somehow surprise me?

I got a very nice message from a guy on POF a few days ago.   He told me a little about himself,  made it clear he read my page, and asked a few questions.   I answered back, and it wasn’t more than a few messages in when he asked what I was up to for the weekend.

“Speed dating!”

“Skip that and come hang out with me instead.  Speed dating is just based on looks and first impressions anyway.”   (I had to paraphrase because POF doesn’t save more than the last few messages anymore.)

I didn’t respond to that, because, well.. just No.   1)  He’s on POF.. (Seriously guys.. if you want something real, move it over to OKCupid, will ya?)    2) I already had paid for speed dating tickets.

I kinda forgot all about this guy – as the POF messages never end.   He popped back up on Sunday:   “Don’t you want to talk anymore?”

“Oh.. Sorry-  it was a busy weekend.   Like I said, I went speed dating.   Although I agree it is based on looks and first impressions – is online dating not the same thing?”

“Speed dating doesn’t work.  And I am actually trying to get to know you.”

“I never expected it to work – it was just something to cross of my bucket list for the month.”

“Are you going to ask me any questions, or are you just going to keep talking about speed dating?”

“Wow.  What am I supposed to ask you?  I much prefer a conversation than a question and answer session.”

“I don’t like talking on here.  Text me.  ###-###-####.  We can chat.”

Now this just pissed me off-  I don’t appreciate being told what to do, especially by tools.    So, I did not respond.

5 minutes later:  I am gonna be up for a bit.”

30 minutes later:  “Not texting?”

10 hours later:   “You are on here yet still no text lol”    (No shit, take a hint.)

12 hours later:    “Thanks playa”


Not only did his method not work with me because he was trying to control how we were having our “conversation” – but he also didn’t ask for my number.   Because I have Google Voice (if you don’t know what Google Voice is –  google that IMMEDIATELY – best thing EVER!)  I probably would have given it out.   But –  he didn’t ask – and I wasn’t doin’ the work for that one.

2 Responses to “Douchebag Alert!”

  1. Dating Seekers April 12, 2012 at 4:47 pm #

    POF is bound to have more douche bags than a paid dating service for the simple fact that it is free, so ANYONE can sign up. A free service like POF attracts all types of low life for that simple reason. POF also attracts Nigerian scammers for the same reason, anyone can register. At least with a paid service it’s harder for douche bags and scammers to gain access unless they pay and 99% won’t.


    • Soon2BeCatLady April 12, 2012 at 11:24 pm #

      I only half believe what you are saying.. OKCupid is also free and the quality on there is far better.
      Also – I have looked at paying sites, and I see a lot of the same people.. so I, too, refuse to pay for it.


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