Looking for Long-Term

7 Mar

“Can I ask u something really twisted?”  was a message sent to me at 6:00 AM, from someone I have never spoken to in my life.

“Oh, I suppose.”    (If nothing else, I can blog about it, right?)

“When was the last time u had sex?”

Umm… wtf?   “Why are you inquiring?”

“just wondering”

“Odd thing to wonder about a stranger..”

“Yeah but ur a good looking woman lol”

“Well.. I am curious as to what you would say if I gave you an answer to that question.   Additionally, I don’t know what being a ‘good looking woman’ really has to do with your question.”

“If you answer u will get an answer lol”

“so whens the last time those hot legs were open?”

“I guess we will both die wondering.”

Seriously?  That’s really weird.   And – I would imagine he wasn’t drunk – because although the conversation started at 6:00 am,  I do have one of those job things – so, this conversation took about 6 hours in total.

So, when I got home, I decided to look up his profile.


Cute guy looking for a serious relationship only. I’m not interested in casual acquaintances or more friends. I want to meet a woman whose interested in a real, long-term relationship and all the thrills that go with that – holidays, romance, and fun of course.


Hmm….  Why don’t I believe that?


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