Rejection Notice – A Male Perspective

13 Mar

Hello blog readers –  Today’s blog is a guest post by #31.  (For those of you who don’t know who #31 is – you can get caught up:    Enjoy!

So, our beloved Cat Lady has asked me a couple times to contribute to this blog…both to share some of my stories and to give a male perspective.  I’ll start off by saying that, in my observation, my half of the species has it better when it comes to online dating.  The women I talk to and meet from online dating sites tend to be attractive, smart, and overall pleasant people.  Sure, there are a few that make you want to bang your head against the desk and scream to the heavens in wonder as to how they’ve survived natural selection, but there is a lot less douchebaggery from the women than there is from the men.  Even at the speed dating event I went to with Cat Lady and J, a quick look around the room showed that the male clientele was rather substandard when compared to what the fairer sex had to offer.

However, this is a story about female douchebaggery.

I am on an online dating site dedicated to people of my religion.  I recently decided to subscribe, just to see who’s available among the Chosen People.  The next day, I had a message from a woman.  It was a form letter, but I checked out her profile anyway.  Very attractive, similar interests, lived close to me, etc.  What was peculiar is that shortly after viewing her profile, I got the same form letter a few hours later.  Suspecting a bot, I messaged her back with a few questions and some points from her profile.  Expecting a “I don’t like talking on here, we can video chat at sexxxkitten(.com)” or something like that, I was pleasantly surprised when i got her reply.  She was very engaging, had some cool stories, and likes kids (something a single dad tends to look for).  Excellent!  We talked for a few days about life, our faith, our hopes goals, all the good stuff.  We even made plans to meet for dinner and she was going to come with me to a local NHL game that I had an extra ticket for.  It should be noted that I am an avid hockey fan, and any woman who is gains uber points in my book.  Things were going well, we talked on the phone, she’d randomly send me a picture about once a day (fully clothed, if you must know).  The last one she sent, I complimented her on her looks (as I usually did).

And that was it.

I’ve probably sent three text messages since then (seriously, check my phone). All without response.  I’m not the kind to pine and whine and harass her on “Y U No Love Me No More” or any crap like that.  It’s been three days, so I’m just going to let it die.  The frustration here is, man or woman, if you’re going to straight up reject someone, have the chutzpah to at least notify the person.  It’s just polite.  I know I have female friends who complain about guys who just ditch them and I can affirm, it’s just as ridiculous when women do it.  No one of either gender likes the guessing games and the uncertainty.  If I’m not your type or you’ve found someone more compatible, then fine.  Just have the decency to let me know.  I’m a big boy, I can handle it.


Soon2BeCatLady would like to chime in that she saw a picture of said female, and this girl had crazy eyes.  He’s better off without her.

One Response to “Rejection Notice – A Male Perspective”

  1. jon March 15, 2012 at 1:31 am #

    This has been very similar to my experience with the last 5 ladies I’ve been in contact with on OKC, one even went to set up a coffee date for the next day(without a place and time), 12 hours later she deleted her profile.


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