Here’s an original

14 Mar

Message time-stamped at 4:20pm:

“Come smoke a bowl with me :)”

How clever playing up the time like that..

In his defense,  this wasn’t his first message to me.  He had messaged me about a month ago, in response to my profile stating I don’t write back to “Hi, how are you?” or anything of that sort..  (This is POF.. If I responded to all of these messages, I would *officially* not have a life.)

“I don’t think you understand how big of a waste of time it is for guys to write out a huge message and not get a response.”

I had never mentioned anything about a huge message either-   I also disagree with those.. but anyway:

“Same for girls..”

“Well what’s up then? What you want, what’s your deal?  I just created my profile and looking for any cool chicks on here. It’s my understanding most just want to chat and never hangout haha..according to the homies that is”

“That’s because you are on POF.. and most guys on POF are only
here looking to get laid. If you are actually looking for a
relationship, I’d recommend trying OKCupid.”

“Naw I couldn’t handle a relationship right now…laid doesn’t sound to bad lol”


Once again – the reasoning behind why I call POF “The Meat Market.”


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