Shame on Me!

25 Mar

Oh form letters…

“You are stunning, and yes I do take care of my self. The fact you look better than most 20 something I know, I think I may have fallen in some serious Puppy lust from afar. Do you not feel guilty for tempting this very innocent mind as such?lol

sweet smile. Nice top.”

Yes, shame on my more professional looking headshot for making you super innocent 41 year old man trolling Plenty of Fish puppy lust from afar.   (I assume “from afar”  is because he lives about a 4 hour plane ride away.)

I am so glad he clarified that he takes care of himself as well.   That will make it much easier to decide to meet up should he ever be in my area.  (Did you feel my eyeroll across the interwebs?)

I am not sure why some people waste one another’s time on this stuff.  I highly doubt he will be moving any time soon.  I sure have no intentions of it – at least not because of someone I met online.

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