The Online Dating Profile Picture

28 Mar

I am almost regretting writing this already because I have a feeling I am going to get a lot of calls and text messages that say “You don’t mean ME though, right?”   So, to stop that from happening:  YES!  I MEAN YOU!!

I try very hard when it comes to online dating to not make a decision on a profile photo alone, because I understand that some people are not photogenic and others are too photogenic.

As you should all know by now,  I have a tendency of finding people I know online.

Guys –  would you freaking post a photo of you that you actually look good in?!  Have a girl pick out your profile photo or photos for you.   I had a visitor to my profile a few days ago, and it was someone I knew and could pick out of a huge crowd.   I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS HIM!   The picture was THAT bad.   This has happened far too many times.  This particular guy is super cute in real life  – not so much in the picture.

I know you know some girls – if you don’t- email me the choices and I will tell you which to choose.. but I think it’s best if someone you know in real life picks it out for you.   Or tells you it’s time to take some new photos.    Personal preference for me:  I don’t want to see you decked out in Zombie apparel.  I have yet to see one Zombie be even remotely attractive.  (I know it’s not the point – just save that one for the people who love you anyway and post it to Facebook.)

Also – lastly, just as a public service announcement:   Don’t, under any circumstance,  post a photo of your junk.  EVER.




One Response to “The Online Dating Profile Picture”

  1. asianbadass March 28, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

    Definitely agree with you on all points! Here’s a list of my “dear lord, what are you thinking?” profile faux pas.


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