“This can be considered a joke”

27 Mar

Unless a person specifically states that joking about such things is appropriate, I would suggest maybe waiting until you actually know a person before sending a beauty such as this:

“Dear pretty lady,

I have a lovely, rather large, naturally brewed, foreign raised stick that is constantly bugging me to ask you if you’d be interested in being poked down there. My stick wants to assure that sounds like aah and ooh will arise from both parties during such repetitive poking.

Should you be interested, address me to your place asap to deliver the full package at your couch or possibly shower.

Looking forward to your earliest reply.
Mischievously yours,
Big-stick Leo

Ps. My god you’re pretty!
Pps. This can be considered a joke. “


Oh Big-stick Leo…   I almost have no words.   Again, maybe funny coming from someone you know really well… but a complete stranger?   Yeah, no thanks.  Even if it is 100% a joke,  agreeing to meet up is going to put any girl in an uncomfortable situation,  unless she is the type of girl who is online dating specifically to get laid.

My imaginary cats are yowling.


2 Responses to ““This can be considered a joke””

  1. shenanigansinsingledom March 27, 2012 at 4:23 am #

    Ewwww! Do these guys think at all before they type these messages? I can’t imagine what experiences a guy might have had with ANY girl to make them think this might work…


  2. JON! March 28, 2012 at 1:03 am #

    I really want to know if any of these guys get responses… if so, I’m gonna have to try it, not like I get responses being a gentleman.


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