31 Mar

“I would love to get to no you if you want to get to no this guy im sweet loyal caring etc.”

No?  NO!?

You can spell words like loyal and caring..  but you write “no” instead of  “know”?   Are you kidding me?    I don’t even think he is literally a bad speller, this just indicates pure laziness.    I can’t get over it.

Additionally,   while sweet, loyal and caring are definitely fantastic qualities – I am 100% certain that if this were all a girl looked for in a man,  there’d be a lot less single people in the world.   While certainly there are people out there without those qualities-  people who want to be in a relationship tend to carry them, if only for the beginning..  So, in a way, it goes without saying.

Do I want to get to no this guy?   Know, know I don’t.

One Response to “No.”

  1. kellig April 4, 2012 at 9:13 pm #

    It might be shallow, but spelling and grammar are indicators to me. If you take time to compose a literate response or inquiry, you might take time in other areas. Stuff happens and things are misspelled or words are dropped, but you can usually tell if it is an honest mistake.


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