Fake Profiles… Maybe..

1 Apr

Every now and again, I log on to #31’s page specifically to see what people have flagged as inappropriate, as he is my buddy who was given the opportunity to be a moderator.

The most common violation is having pictures of something other than themselves,  for example a pet photo.  Of course, I have seen a fair share of  junk photos, as well as some questionable photos from some ladies as well.   Keep it classy, everyone.

I had a fun outing last night with some close girl friends of mine, and we spent a little while moderating together.   I think our overall favorite for the evening was a female profile that was flagged.   There were 3 photos of the girl,  and a blank profile.   On OKCupid, blank profiles are not against the rules..    The comment from the flagger was:

“This photos are from porn!  Trust me i know my porn”

Now, technically, he flagged the profile-  which means the moderators can’t do anything.  There is no violation with the profile.  He should have flagged the photo..  However-  my question here is – Where is the proof?    Sure-  the moderators could image-search the photo on Google – but what does that prove?     Maybe the porn “star” has moved on from the industry and is looking for a relationship now.   Who are we to make that judgment call?  Although that situation is not very likely, I still don’t believe we could really prove otherwise.

To the flagger:   Wow.  I am not saying that watching porn is bad, because I don’t really have strong opinions on it… Do what you will.  I am sorry, if you recognize a girl’s face on a dating website as something you saw while watching porn.. it may be high time to get some other hobbies.

One Response to “Fake Profiles… Maybe..”

  1. s4m4nth4x April 2, 2012 at 5:05 pm #

    The rules for moderation say to delete a profile that “Is obviously a spammer (based on photos or essays)” If I do a Google search and find 500 image results on a photo, I vote to delete the whole damn profile. Any guy who doesn’t recognize the photo as stolen thinks he’s messaging a pretty girl, when he’s just opening himself up to getting scammed and spammed.

    If you’re a porn star, and you’ve decided to use OKC to find a bona-fide relationship, take a new picture of yourself, haha.


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