Boy Toy

6 Apr

Part of me wishes that I was more promiscuous, because the social experiments I would conduct would be fascinating.  Or perhaps just a gun to protect myself if things got out of line.   But, instead, I will go based on what I know to be true by witnessing others.

I have said this before, but to remind you – even though I hate everything that is Plenty of Fish because of how gross it is –  I try to “help out” my POF fans by telling them I would be more likely to respond if they mention my favorite TV show.

” have not seen the show..but if you ever need a boy toy..”

…And this guy’s profile says he is looking for a long term relationship…

Here’s what I don’t understand:   Why do guys think that girls really don’t have any options?   I mean, I understand the stereotype “She’s online dating, she must be desperate.”  but seriously – if I was looking for a good time, I am pretty sure I could make that happen.   (Again- no experience in this, because I am quite a respectable girl..)   Doesn’t this just require a few fluttering eyelashes and whispering something a little suggestive?

So,  what I am saying is this:   If I was looking for a boy toy,  I wouldn’t go to a stranger on the internet.   And, come on… even the website suggests that there are plenty of fish.  I guess you miss the shots you don’t take, but really? What is the success rate of soliciting normal people for physical attention on online dating sites?    Like I said,  part of me wishes I thought that was a good idea, because I’d be doing some research.

Instead I wrote back, “Doesn’t your profile say you are looking for a long term relationship?  Am I not worthy of one of those?”    

“Aww, don’t say that. Of course you’re worthy of one of those. I’ve just been so darn busy lately and had a lot of my mind, and I’ll admit, I may be a lil in the mood here and there 😉 So please don’t take offense.”

Yeah- the answer is still no.

2 Responses to “Boy Toy”

  1. DWOAN April 6, 2012 at 5:36 pm #

    That was one of my biggest pet peeves on POF, when guys aren’t honest about their intent! I am sure there are girls out there that just want a roll in the hay too… why not advertise what you are REALLY looking for, instead of LYING and saying you are looking for a relationship? Does not make sense


  2. butimbeautiful April 8, 2012 at 1:45 am #

    Men have strange ideas. I think they like the idea of being a boy toy right up into their sixties – hell, they’re a boy to SOMEONE!


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