I Weep For New Jersey

1 May

Many thanks to Twitter buddy @sherlockbones for sending me this profile.   I do weep for New Jersey!

First of all.. your online dating screen name should never be syphilispatient.   That’s a recipe for disaster to start with.    Even if it’s meant to be a joke, which “I’m just kidding”  is the most private thing he is willing to admit.

Even so –  His Self Summary is as follows:

Tired of the women, I want a girl. Women are assertive and independent, girls are demure and moldable. Women command respect, girls accept mistreatment. Women are all like “I want a man that’s got his shit together.” Girls are all like “I need a boyfriend.” Women make you work for it. Girls put out because they’re afraid you won’t like them if they don’t. Women trick you into marrying them and then subject you to a lifetime of misery. Girls let you do whatever the hell you want AND bend over backwards trying to please you in the hope that you won’t leave them. So if you’re a girl, not some bitchy ass woman, hit me up.

Although again I would be certain he is probably kidding, as it does say that on his profile – I feel like there at least is a hint of truth to this rambling, and it frightens me a little.   Definitely daring at best.

Then throw in that his only picture is one without his shirt on, and we have ourselves a perfect storm.

3 Responses to “I Weep For New Jersey”

  1. kellig May 1, 2012 at 12:59 am #

    oh, he is probably completely serious. unless he plagarized that whole profile, it is waaaaay to well rehearsed to have been in fun. i would bet a super-sized box of condoms that he is serious.

    and please post the photo. pleeeeeease.


  2. sosassyandsingle May 1, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    On No! No shirt! I blogged about that lol! This guy actually sounds worse!


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