Way Past the Line

2 May

Haha..  So, OKCupid put THIS guy in my Quiver  (We are a 94% match, 66% friend match, and only a 4% enemy):

Self Summary:

“I have had a ton of success on this site.

Because of this, guys are always asking me for advice on
what to say/do…

So here’s how it works with women:

Look, it all comes down to the fact that women enjoy being given a task to do, no matter who gives it to them, because it makes them feel wanted. This is why you should tell each and every attractive woman you meet to bake you cookies. She’ll joke and put up a fight, but in the end she knows if she doesn’t bake those damn cookies, she’s worthless.

The next step is to make her realize that those cookies would have tasted even better if she had baked them while she was in a skirt. Everyone knows women cook worse when they wear pants. I mean, it’s all about doing a good job, and she needs to understand it’s not okay to half-ass projects. She can do better.

After that step she needs to know how to make a good dinner.
Cookies are great and all, but she’s going to get fat(ter) if she doesn’t make some real food too. Start off simple, because too much might overwhelm her simple brain. Get her to watch Rachel Ray or something – that way she’ll be having fun and feel connected to her own kind. (Just make sure she understands that Rachel Ray only wears pants to lessen her cooking skills, so as not to scare women away from giving it their first shot.)

Also, make sure she wears heels. Heels will make her taller so that she can see deep inside the pots and pans. Plus it will give her legs and ass a better workout, especially when she’s vacuuming while food simmers.

Next, choose who she needs to vote for in the next election. It’s well known that women don’t understand politics. It confuses them and makes them feel awkward. I mean, of course it does, they’re women. So by choosing who to vote for you’re actually being kind to them and relieving a lot of burden and anxiety. After she thanks you, give her a kiss and tell her you want an apple pie. Again, you’re just reinforcing that she’s wanted and appreciated.

This all works. If you think it doesn’t, then you probably haven’t
tried it, so you can’t really argue against it. If you do argue
against it and haven’t tried it, it just means you’re a coward, and that you don’t truly appreciate women.”

Like yesterday, at the end he says something suggesting this rant is really a joke.   But, there really is a point where a joke goes too far, and this has well crossed that line.   There’s a difference between a little playful jab that is clearly a jest than something like this.   If you don’t get to the end of his profile, or if you don’t believe the end of his profile – he’s just a total douchebag.

Even if it is a bunch of bull- it is an interesting theory.  He is right,  women like having something to do.   It makes us feel important.   I don’t exactly know where my thoughts are going with that.. but, it intrigues me nevertheless.

I was going to message him anyway and ask if the messages he gets are all from really pissed off women (He has the red light of death..)  but his mailbox is full and he cannot receive any more messages.

Hmm.. I guess we will never know.

4 Responses to “Way Past the Line”

  1. columbuscynic May 2, 2012 at 7:24 am #

    “This is why you should tell each and every attractive woman you meet to bake you cookies.”
    The topic of having an intentional “Bad Pick-Up Line” night has come up, and now you have added this lovely nugget to potentials. If only I could keep a straight face.


  2. Anna Harte May 3, 2012 at 10:20 am #

    How does the saying go: A joke is a wooden sword…? (Or something like that.) Sounds like this fella is being ridiculous on purpose, and yet… Maybe still wants to test his theory



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    […] the next step is to make her realize those cookies would have tasted better if she was wearing a ski… […]


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