Can I Be a Fly In Your Brain?

6 May

I’ve said it before and I am sure I will say it again and again.  First messages floor me.   I wish I could be a fly in some people’s brains sometimes.

“sorry I dont have a photo here”

Here is someone apologizing to me, out of nowhere, for something I have never called him out on.   I’ve never been to his profile either.   Could you imagine this in a “real-life” scenario?    Being approached at a bar with the line of “Sorry, I don’t have money here.”    (I would assume not having money at the bar would be about equal to not having a face on your online dating profile?)



“whats your name?”

I think I may give this guy’s strategy a try sometime..  maybe randomly message someone:  “Sorry I’m a bitch.”    That’s sure to get me a man, right?!


Or – the other first message I received today:

“I have an accent and I have 10″ dick. Would you be interested in FWB?”


“Are you sure, it could be fun :)”

“I’m sure.”

One Response to “Can I Be a Fly In Your Brain?”

  1. Paula May 6, 2012 at 2:53 am #

    I immediately shitcan all men without photos, whether they wink or send an essay, no exceptions. There is no legit reason for a single man to be on a dating site sans photo. If he’s a member of the secret service, too bad.


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