Long Distance

16 May

I got a message from a man in Algeria today.  Yes, Algeria.   I promise you I am not on the same continent as Algeria.

“hi In fact, I’m here for serious relationship I said maybe you want a serious relationship and honest thanks”

Part of me wondered if this was a spam bot..  but, figured in case it wasn’t, it may be worth it to respond for your entertainment.

“I don’t believe a long distance relationship can be serious.”

“Why I am serious and it does not matter to me distance is not bad faith to me like what you hear on the internet I want a family with a girl you want me you will know everything if you are interest to me Believe me, I am not a crook”

None of this really makes sense, Mr. Nixon..  But – let’s cut to the chase:

“Well. I don’t want to live in Algeria. So you will need to move here for this family you speak of.”

“No problem in the decision where you live I do not matter to me any country I want to be with me forever and be the title of our own life, happiness, love and fidelity”

“Believe me, I have no bad intention, and I’m not just talking about the family of every sensible person wants a family”

“You will see me in Skype And know more about some You will know my family And everything about me There is no hide anything from you Will you say anything openly and honestly”

“I don’t have Skype.”


I can only assume that the time difference has put him to bed, and he hasn’t given up on me yet.    More to come, I am sure..


2 Responses to “Long Distance”

  1. Dating Superstar May 16, 2012 at 1:18 am #

    Before I closed my OKC account I would get messages from India all the time


  2. B.V. May 16, 2012 at 3:43 pm #

    At the beginning on OKC, when my account was listed in France, I received messages from Pakistan and India all the time. It was weird. I stopped receiving them when I moved back to the States, though.


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