Long Distance Continued..

17 May

In order for today’s edition to make sense,  it is important you read my blog entry from yesterday.   Go ahead, I will wait.

Well –  Mr. Algeria certainly wasn’t fed up with me, as I much anticipated.   He informed me that Skype is free, as is Yahoo Messenger.  (Don’t even get me started on Yahoo Messenger..)    I then informed him that I don’t have a webcam, which was total B.S..    He asked if I was interested in a serious relationship with him, and to be honest in my response – so I told him I was not.   He went on his merry way and sent me his original form letter not even a half hour later.

So – pretty boring and not really worthy of a follow-up post..

BUT…   I then got a message from someone today that said this:

“wish i didnt live so far from you your damn cute!!”

Out of curiosity, I clicked his page..  he lives a few cities away from me.  I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.    Oh boy.

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