20 May

I got a message from someone on POF who calls himself “TheRealThing.”   Before I get into the message,  I would love to share with you what “TheRealThing” put as his About Me:

“Willi wanka told me to tell you that snuffleupagus saw big bird blowing lines with Winnie the pooh on oscar the grouches trash can outside of the cheese cake factory while cookie monster and tigger where shoot dice watching Kermit trip on acid…. Yes I made this up myself”

Umm.. what?   Yes sir, you are definitely “The Real Thing”..  and nothing says “I have stopped pretending to be charming” more than the message he sent:

“Clever and witty open messages aren’t working so I’ll go with hey how are ya :)”

Had this been on my official POF account,  I probably wouldn’t have responded at all – but lucky for “TheRealThing”  this was my “I’m pretending to live in your area” account.   I thought I’d help him out..

“That doesn’t work either – for the record.”

“No see the problem is that I’m on a website trying to find women but what I have to ask myself is why are they on here and the answer most of them suck, they are lame, or crazy and you helped prove my point thank you for the record “

“No problem.”


Hopefully me proving his point is what gets him to delete his account so people actually attempting to find a relationship can do so.   But, he really also proves what I have been saying all along:   POF SUCKS.

I have met one person off of POF, and it was a pleasant experience — but he also had an OKCupid account.   Remember,  POF’s nickname is “The Meat Market.”

2 Responses to “Charming”

  1. Dan May 20, 2012 at 12:22 am #

    I thought POF’s nickname was “Plenty of Freaks”..!


  2. kellig May 20, 2012 at 4:00 am #

    every time i reconsider getting back online for dating, I read one of your lovely posts and come to my senses. the entire process is completely demeaning and demoralizing. for me.


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