Real Mature.

21 May

I got an instant message from a 24 year old that lives pretty close tonight..  I was on my way out the door, but decided to accept it anyway:



“Guess what?”


“I think you are really cute, and I like that you don’t party.”  

(This is clear indication he read my profile, because I did list on there that I don’t really tend to go out partying.  For record’s sake:  I am an old lady.)


“What do you like about my profile?”

You all know how much I hate being asked that – and truthfully I was on my way out the door.

“I haven’t seen your profile.. and I have to go.  Have a nice night.”

I closed the chat without giving him a chance to respond.   When I got to my destination, my lovely cell phone alerted me that I have an unread message.. which happened to be from this class act:

“You’re dumb.”



And that was the end of that..  I am very glad I didn’t waste more than 2 minutes of my life on this.

One Response to “Real Mature.”

  1. butimbeautiful May 25, 2012 at 2:29 am #

    What is it with these young people today!!


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