Too Far Away..

29 May

“awww you’re cute-ish but sadly too far away for my boner”

Cute-ish?  Cute-ish?   Excuse me.. I am freaking adorable.  But, alas.. even if you had told me that I was freaking adorable – apparently 10 miles is too far away.

Sucks to be me, I guess.. Or not, really.  Even if his boner was next door – it still wouldn’t be happening.

Not that I condone these messages at all –  but,  you ought to really compliment a girl if you are going to be a pig…  Not some half-assed “cute-ish” pretend compliment.

But, for argument’s sake – let’s pretend he was a gentleman, and actually had said something decent, followed by living too far away..   Why bother wasting each others time?  If 10 miles is a deal-breaker.. don’t send a message.


2 Responses to “Too Far Away..”

  1. Paula May 29, 2012 at 3:38 pm #

    Is this POF? It really is a magnet for every kind of socially and emotionally retarded man there is, not to mention total psychopaths.


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