If You’re Going to Make Shit Up..

30 May

If you are going to make shit up..  you need to make it believable.

“Hey how`s your week flowing? I was looking up “fish” recepes for a friendly get together im having soon , and then suddenly realized, what site i`ve now stumbled across!! makes sense in a way, as I`ve recently turned single atm, Weird, and have now ended up on here!!!! haha so technically, you`re the first person im talking too!! make a good impression!”

Looking up fish recipes and wound up creating a full-blown profile on Plenty of Fish?   I did look at his profile, and it was lengthy enough where I didn’t believe for one second any of the nonsense above.

“I call B.S.”      (So much for a good impression, eh?)

“thats true.. just testing… fail..”

And just like that – tail between the legs and on to the next.   If his profile was minimal, and his story maybe slightly tweaked,  I may not have called him out on it.   But, seriously?

One Response to “If You’re Going to Make Shit Up..”

  1. sosassyandsingle May 30, 2012 at 11:58 am #

    Don’t you find sometimes it’s just exhausting to read the profiles….


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