Super Bored

23 Jun

Being bored is not a reason to be trolling an online dating website.  In a technological era, I find it more and more difficult to meet someone in person – as everyone’s phone is glued to their face.   I figure I am relatively normal, so other relatively normal people must try online dating sometimes too, right?

“Would u be interested in seeing like 4 or 5 naked pictures of me!? I’m super bored”

My biggest question is:   How would him taking 30 seconds to send me these photos cure his boredom?   It’s not like he will SEE me viewing them.    Or – is he going to be taking them once his request is granted?   Because, in theory, he could just take them now and not be super bored.

If you are sitting at home on a Friday night, and the only thing you can think of to do to end the super boredom is to take naked pictures..  It may be time for a hobby.   And- let’s face it –  they probably wouldn’t have even have been “good” naked pictures –  (like the billboards for a certain clothing store that somehow advertises their clothing with naked men..)

It’s official – I’m going out tonight..

One Response to “Super Bored”

  1. bridgetclare June 23, 2012 at 11:23 am #

    Yep I’m out for the second night in a row! Seeing the real world lol!


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