History is Repeating Itself.

22 Jun

On June 1st, I got a message on the meat market that said:

“whats up beauitful we should hangout sometime”

I will never immediately agree to hang out with someone online – I have to get to know you first.  I am not about to be raped and murdered.

“Why is that?”

“just need a friend or more if it works out i do want a girlfiend to im sweet guy if thats what your looking for”

I didn’t respond from here..  Probably because I am not looking for a sweet guy..  No girl is.   (Or probably more likely, every girl is – but someone thinking they are a sweet individual doesn’t mean they are.. or that I should meet them.)


Flash forward to today..  (I find it very funny, and awesome, that POF doesn’t remind you that you have messaged a person before.. )

“we should hangout sometime”

I was having a good laugh when I sent my response:

“Why is that?”

“just would like to get to no you if you want to get to no me”


For the record, I was not only correcting his spelling… I was also being passive/aggressive by calling him out on being an underachiever, by being an overachiever and using “know” in the place of “No.”


One Response to “History is Repeating Itself.”

  1. Becca June 22, 2012 at 12:26 am #

    Good one!


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