How Can Someone “Get It” and Not at the Same Time!?

28 Jun

Dearest Author of the latest Meat Market Message,

I don’t know what I think of your message.   Parts of me likes it; it’s clever..  but part of me wonders what the hell you are doing.    It’s quite obvious that you get what you are supposed to do – but why then aren’t you actually doing it?!

“Generic overexcited greeting! Obvious reference to your profile information, with or without drawing a comparison between what we put on our profiles. Rhetorical question? Rhetorical answer! Unnecessary semi-forced witty remark. Laughing onomatopoeia! Humble request for future communication?”

Again – I like it because you seem to understand what an online dating message should look like.. but it bothers me that you are lazy and just copied and pasted something you have sent to every other chickadee that has caught your eye.  Which is the exact opposite of what you are supposed to do… but you already know that.

So – I guess what I am trying to say is:  Simultaneously,  you are a genius and a moron..  with probably the latter reigning slightly more dominant.

Best of luck to you,



3 Responses to “How Can Someone “Get It” and Not at the Same Time!?”

  1. coastlineisquiet June 28, 2012 at 12:22 am #

    even if it is a form letter, it took a clever brain to create. i’d reply, just out of curiosity.


  2. dramafreepaul June 29, 2012 at 12:20 am #

    That type of email goes hand in hand with Dumb Jocks. How do guys think women don’t know a cut and paste from a genuine email? Common sense in this country is going down hill. Even if you’re too lazy to write a whole original email, at least write some original stuff. I do. And it’s probably why I get dates. I also have common sense. I wonder if there’s a correlation there;)


  3. Anna Harte June 30, 2012 at 4:57 am #

    Given that form letters are lame in any context, it’s worth considering how few responses men get even for their thoughtfully crafted, unique-to-you messages… sounds like this guy has been online dating for a while, and is throwing out a humorous attempt to acknowledge the “system” — although he did leave out the “checks my profile to decide whether or not to respond, regardless of what email says!” part 🙂


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