A Very Serious Rant

14 Jul

When I rant about messages I post,  I am actually laughing.  I post them for the world to see, because they are hilarious.   Not much do I actually find offensive.   For crying out loud, I am trying to find romance on the internet.. I honestly don’t expect much.

Today’s blog entry, however, is a different story.   Way too often am I seeing things like this when doing voting on reported messages on OKCupid..  and it’s 100% NOT okay.

The following messages are all from the same user, a day or so apart:

“hi. ur GORGEOUS!! id love to see more”

“Id do anything”    (except read a profile that says if you want a response, to talk about (fill in the blank).. but, that doesn’t count, right?)


“ur all i can thing about. but i understand… i’ll go. might as well end my life :(“

The last message, particularly the last sentence, way beyond crosses a line.  In no circumstance is it EVER okay to message someone something like that in an online dating message.  EVER.

Suicide is absolutely nothing to joke about, and I do believe in the message above it was not a serious statement.  It is also not something that should be used to guilt a stranger on the internet into talking to you.  What if the person on the receiving end of that has had someone close to them take their own life?

I have not, thankfully, experienced suicide of a close friend or family member.  I hope I never have to.   But, sadly, I know several people who have, and it is devastating.   Joking about it, or blaming someone for it is never okay.

All that being said,  if someone not responding to you online actually gives you suicidal thoughts, I strongly encourage you call a help line or talk to someone close to you.. or to someone who has lost a loved one to suicide.  There’s help out there..  and sometimes you just have to remember that there is going to be a beautiful sunrise or sunset, or SOMETHING, that you know you are going to be glad you didn’t miss.

Stay real, everyone.  =)

3 Responses to “A Very Serious Rant”

  1. Sidney Bristol (@Sidney_Bristol) July 14, 2012 at 1:54 am #

    Messages like those seriously piss me off. I’ve received a few, and I have nothing nice to say about the senders. I won’t touch on the whole suicide part, because that will set me off, but that’s not okay to try to manipulate someone like that. In what world would a sane person want to be attached to someone that would stoop to threats to get your attention?


  2. Manda July 14, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

    I have to agree. Saying something like that is so pathetic and ridiculous. If a guy told me that, it would do nothing but completely ruin his chances with me. I’d either feel pity that he was that emotionally unstable or pissed off that he’d stoop that low to get my attention. How could anyone expect a positive reaction after saying that?


  3. dramafreepaul July 14, 2012 at 6:52 pm #

    Suicide is one of those issues you just don’t joke about. It’s a shame that person has no common sense to know that. I feel for you women sometimes that you have to receive those types of messages.


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