An Interesting Request

13 Jul

Like I have told you all before,  I have a few profiles out there.  One in particular, I often times change up the location just to see if I should be relocating.

So,  according to said profile,  I am currently on the East Coast, and got a message from someone that read:

“hey buddy.. let me buy you a drink.. dont be such a snob”

He must get turned down a lot to already assume I am a snob, considering we have had no interaction prior to this.   But… if he doesn’t want me to be a snob,  at least I will tell him he is allowed to buy me a drink..  he can wire me the funds if he wants to.


“Ha.. was that too pushy? when/where would you like to meet up?”

“Well, I am actually in [state], so whenever you are able to get here.”

For the record, yes, his message was pushy.   No one owes you a night out.  I don’t know why I keep needing to remind people this.

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