Even If He’s a Doctor..

17 Jul

My poor friend, Velvet, is back on the online dating scene after being MIA from it for a good year and a half.   Your legs get a little wobbly the first time you are attempting online dating, or when jumping back in.

Here’s the deal – you need to set ground rules for yourself.. and you need to stick with those… EVEN if the man is a doctor.   I know you’d do your mother proud if you brought home a doctor,  but remember.. this doctor is online dating.  

So, Velvet had a few messages back and forth with the doctor.  She described his profile as funny and sweet, and it helped that he was cute.  (Also.. side note: Everyone should learn how to reverse search photos to make sure you aren’t being lied to online.)    Pretty quickly, the doctor asked for Velvet’s cell phone number, and another photo (as she currently only has one.)

Velvet didn’t stick to her online dating rule of not sending out pictures upon quick request, and likewise with her phone number.   He was a cute doctor.  (And let’s be honest.. let’s say Patrick Dempsey was REALLY a doctor, and wanted my number,  you can bet your ass I’d give it to him.  Mmm… I love me some Patrick Dempsey.)

Luckily for Velvet,  the photo she sent turned cute doctor into a pig immediately, and he responded “Sexxxxxxy bod”.

Eventually, comments such as that are acceptable..  after you’ve known a person for awhile.   Not within an hour of chatting with someone online.    Don’t break your rules.. if the cute doctor is worth it, he’ll play by the rules.

4 Responses to “Even If He’s a Doctor..”

  1. M July 17, 2012 at 12:36 am #

    Was he a real doctor or just wanted to play doctor?


  2. dramafreepaul July 19, 2012 at 1:16 am #

    Did she end up meeting him in person?


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