Can I Interest You in Some Casual Sex?

5 Aug

Oh boys and their ways of trying to impress women..

“that’s too bad you’re not interested in casual sex, i have a huge horse cock”

For starters:   Doubtful..   I have a feeling if I was interested in having him prove this statement, I would bet at least ten dollars that I would be disappointed.

Let’s pretend, however, that this is factual.   No thank you, even more so.  That just sounds painful.   To me, at least, a “huge horse cock” is not a selling point.  My girly parts are wincing just thinking about it.

It is funny though, that he clearly read through that casual sex is not what I am looking for – but messaged anyway to see if he could change my mind.

Sorry dude.

One Response to “Can I Interest You in Some Casual Sex?”

  1. giveheadandheart August 5, 2012 at 4:11 am #

    Douche says, “I have a huge horse cock” What a woman hears: “After painful sex, I’ll follow up with a delighful UTI!” Yes, please!

    Mistress M


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