Great Lengths

12 Aug

I received a message from a man on the meat market, and based on his user name, he thinks quite highly of his tongue skills.   His request to prove those skills was quite interesting:

“I would chew thru my own leg to get the chance to taste u”

Now – come on.  What does he think someone will respond to that?  “Oh no, don’t do that – here, have at it.”?   I’d would honestly LOVE to see what sort of responses he gets to a message such as this.   Since I will never know, I will show you what I responded:

“Hmm. Well, if you in fact chewed through your own leg, I would think about giving you a chance.. The likelihood still wouldn’t be very great, but I’d at least consider it. Ball’s in your court.”

..I’m sorry, but if you are going to boldly suggest doing something that ridiculous for something in return –   Step up to the plate, my friend.

“LMAO. Uve got moxy. I love it”

Apparently we are not going to put our money where our mouth is..  Perhaps another day.

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