A Little Too Strong

19 Aug

Sending a message such as the following really isn’t a good idea.   It’s really only going to work if the person on the receiving end is desperate.. and really, guys, you don’t want a desperate girl.

“Your mesmerizing eyes make my heart mve. Your loving smile, and the flowy hair can make any guy crazy. The gentle skin on that curvy body is so hard to resist. The full body make me wonder what your hidden parts may be like. Your style is unique and effervescent. Meeting you would fulfill my dreams.”

Come on,  this is sweet things you say after you have actually fallen for someone… except normal guys still don’t say it.   More along the lines of “You’re really pretty.”  maybe, or “I like looking into your eyes.”   Sweet enough for a normal girl to melt.

So, when you send a message like this – and the target does not respond.. I would highly suggest NOT sending a 2nd message that sounds like this:

“I am studying taxation. I live alone in a studio apartment, and really cant wait for you to visit me here. Your body is so soft and endearing, cant help undressing you in my mind. The sexual energy in your eyes is calling for someone to hold you hard and take youcompletely. Your flowy hair suggests your carefree nature and your desire to be loved and licked all over. Cant wait to lick you all over.”

..Because now you are uber creepy.

One Response to “A Little Too Strong”

  1. Forty Two (@NativeoutOps) September 3, 2012 at 1:01 am #

    Jesus christ are you kidding me? You sure that wasn’t Buffalo Bill writing you? lol


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