Superheroes and Princesses.

26 Aug

“Let me be ur hero ;)”

I know what he was trying to do – but this guy was not anywhere near as sexy as Enrique Inglesias – and even if he was, only Enrique can get away with this line.

“Hmm… will you wear a cape?”

“Sure.. anything for my princess :)”

Oh gag me..

“1) I am NOT your Princess.
2) That’s not very Superhero-like to think so.”

“As a hero i must make u my princess”

I am going to make an educated guess that I have more knowledge about comic book heroes than he does.  I don’t believe even once Superman, or Batman or Spiderman “made the damsel in distress his princess.”  Girlfriend?  Maybe.. but definitely not Princess.   From what I understand of that rule is that in order to make someone your Princess, you yourself have to be a Prince.

“What Superhero are you.. Mario?”

“Yup 🙂 here to save peach”

“Get a 1up.”

Psh..  Mario isn’t a Superhero.

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