No Strings Attached Fun

28 Aug

“Hey, I’m going to be out right with you, I’m looking for NSA fun. I’ve met with various women from here and we’ve all had a lot of fun ūüėČ and they’ve had multiple screaming and moaning orgasms. Would you be interested in such? I guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun ;)”

Oh.. My.. God..

Gentlemen of the internet Р DID YOU KNOW.. that you can narrow your search down on OKCupid for women specifically looking for casual sex?   If not, Merry Christmas.   If so Рwhy do you send these types of messages to girls who are not looking for casual sex?

Secondly, and really I can only speak for myself, I’m sorry, but the fact that you find “various women” on OKCupid who are okay with sleeping with¬†just anyone¬†is even more reason for me to not be interested. ¬† Even YOU don’t know where they’ve been. ¬† However, I don’t really believe that claim anyway.

I believe that if a female is looking for a frisky good time, she could easily find what she is looking for without having to resort to the internet.

Take it to Craigslist casual encounters, would ya? ¬†(Oh wait – that site doesn’t work either, huh?)

2 Responses to “No Strings Attached Fun”

  1. kellig August 28, 2012 at 1:32 am #

    more like no strings attached genitall warts.


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