Don’t Be That Guy

3 Sep

“I’m sure you’re looking for a whole lot more than me…

But I’m a hell of a lot of fun to pass the time with! I know you have some deep dark fantasies that your dying to let out. Have you ever wished you had a friend that you could just go crazy with in bed. A secret sex buddy you could explore your kinky side with? Without the worry of gossip, judgments or drama. Just pure kinky fun. I’m clean, sane, discrete and a complete sex maniac! I mean that in a fun way though. Think about it?

You’ll never know unless you try:) let’s chat?”

I must say that I am quite impressed with his decisions of where to leave a space.  It’s as if he anticipated my speaking aloud an answer before continuing on.. which, for the record were,  “Yes, I probably am looking for a whole lot more than you.”  and “I’ve thought about it –  Still no.”

Guys, for the 18 billionth time –  girls would not have trouble finding this sort of relationship if that’s what she wants..  and it really is, at least seemingly, a whole lot safer with someone that you know a little bit.    IF this were something I was looking for – and again,  it’s not..   I would need very up-to-date documentation that this was not going to end with herpes or any other STD for me.    And, stranger on the internet, very up-to-date would probably mean paperwork dated within the past week, IF you haven’t had any other action since then, which you also wouldn’t be able to prove.

Don’t be that guy.  Good things come to those who wait..

3 Responses to “Don’t Be That Guy”

  1. lostnchina September 3, 2012 at 3:39 am #

    These guys are the most common. They’re the ones who respond with a sexy comeon, even if you post a pic of a graham cracker.


  2. butimbeautiful September 7, 2012 at 2:50 am #

    Guys are so idiotic,sometimes!


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